Installing and Configuring Sumologic For Data Collection & Aggregation

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Installing and Configuring Sumologic For Data Collection & Aggregation


What Is Sumologic – Sumo Logic is a cloud-based log management and analytics service that leverages machine-generated big data to deliver real-time IT insights. Sumo Logic’s architecture features an elastic petabyte scale platform that collects, manages, and analyzes enterprise log data, reducing millions of log lines into operational and security insights in real time. Their cloud-based approach overcomes the inherent problems of premises-based solutions, including limits on scalability, inefficient or haphazard analysis, and uncontrolled costs. Sumo Logic is built around a globally distributed data retention architecture that keeps all log data available for instant analysis, eliminating the need for an enterprise to manage the cost and complexity of data archiving, backups and restoration.

The service is entirely cloud-based and is maintenance free. Instead of inelastic security information and event management systems, Sumo Logic employs elastic processing to collect, manage, and analyze log data, regardless of type, volume, or location. Sumo Logic modeled its approach on that of Google, according to Christian Beedgen, the company’s CTO and one of its co-founders. Using advanced machine-learning algorithms to whittle down mountains of log file data into common groupings, Sumo Logic’s platform mirrors Google News’s categorization of news stories distributed across the web. In doing so, Sumo Logic is able to ease the process for administrators to synthesize and analyze their data.

Let’s Get Started – Here are a list of videos to get you started with Sumlogic ( We’ve also included links to a few key tutorials that focus on installation of agents (Windows/Linux) to collect data relevant for systems performance metrics.

  • Introduction To Sumologic (SaaS Based Log Mining and Data Aggregation solution)

  • Sumologic Quick Start Webinar


  • Installation of a Sumologic Linux Collector


  • Installation of a Sumologic Windows Collector

For a list of other Quick Start tutorials on Sumologic please visit their Youtube page.

Conclusion – The intention of this article was to introduce you to the basics of SaaS based logging using Sumologic. We also took a brief look at the product while going over the installation and configuration of the Sumo Logic Data Collection agents for Linux and Windows. From what we have seen Sumo Logic is a great product, very easy to setup and use with a lot of out of the box visualization, reports, applications, etc. that give you a great opportunity to focus on what you need to do while letting SumoLogic help you make sense of the patterns in your log files.

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