What Are Some Of The Leading Data Collection & Aggregation Tools

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What Are Some Of The Leading Data Collection & Aggregation Tools


We are quite spoilt for choice when it comes to Data Collection & Aggregation tools today. The scene was however very different 5 years ago. Here’s a list of some for the leading Data Collection and Aggregation solutions. This list does not intend to be comprehensive in nature but rather a reference list which hopefully gets you going with your search for a suitable solution.

Commercial Data Collection & Aggregation Tools – This section provides a view of the non ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) based solutions for purposes of data collection and aggregation. Please note that while a few of these solutions offer on premise capability most of them are purely SaaS based.

SaaS ELK for Data Collection & Aggregation – If installation, configuration and maintenance of ELK is not your cup of tea then why not look at SaaS based solution providers. Here are some of the leading SaaS based providers for ELK SaaS based solutions –

Conclusion – Through this article we wanted to provide you with a reference list of vendors/applications which provide on-premise and SaaS based capability for Data Collection and Aggregation. As we have mentioned before this list is not intended to be exhaustive in nature but rather a means to get you started with your search for an appropriate Data Collection and Aggregation solution which fits your enterprise needs.

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