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What Modelling Technique Should I Be Using


For Statistical Modelling Your choice of modelling technique would squarely depend on what is it that you are trying to do. VisualizeIT offers numerous Statistical Modelling techniques. Here’s a summary of the various techniques and why you might decide to use each of them.

  • I need to Visualize my data, slice it, dice it and view it from different perspectives – Time Series Visualization or Exploratory Data Analysis
  • I need to understand any Seasonality & Trends that exist in my Time Series data – Time Series Decomposition
  • I need to perform a Forecast – Time Series Forecasting
  • I need to find a relationship between two system parameters to model system behavior and understand the scalability limitations – Time Series Regression (Univariate & Multivariate Regression)

Statistical Models within VisualizeIT offers many different modelling techniques. We encourage you to try out the different modelling techniques, understand your data and forecast system behavior for change in relevant input parameters.

Modelling Solution: VisualizeIT offers access to a bunch of Analytical Models, Statistical Models and Simulation Mcropped-visualize_it_logo__transparent_090415.pngodels. Access to all the Analytical (Mathematical) models is free. We recommend you try out the Analytical models at VisualizeIT which are free to use and drop us a note with your suggestions, input and comments. You can access the VisualizeIT website here and the VisualizeIT modelling solution here –VisualizeIT.


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